LIVING WATER is quite difference from what comes through your tap, which is basically dead, and may contribute to illness. It's not just a question of nasties in the water, such as chemicals that can be removed with a good filter.

Viktor Schauberger was a scientist who made remarkable discoveries about water. He called it "the blood of the Earth". He described water as organic because in its natural state it carries energy and nourishment to all living things. A healthy stream purifies and enlivens itself by creating spirals and vortices; cavorting water is healthy and has a laminar structure. This is more than mere oxygenation, and has to do with creating positive energy. Can you remember drinking from a mountain stream and feeling reinvigorated?

The Living Vater Vortex Creator re-enlivens water from your tap or from a water filter by re-creating a natural vortex. This reoxygenates and restructures the water, producing healthy, positive energy that will invigorate your body. You may even be able to do without your water filter, as the Aqualife changes toxins like chlorine into harmless substances.

The human body is composed 75-90% of water, and it is vital that we ingest the best quality water for our health.

The compact motor housed in the lid of the 2-litre jug drives an impeller which forms a beautiful vortex throughout the depth of the water, for 3 minutes. The effect of the transformed water lasts for nore than 30 hours.

You must know that everything has an energy field around it. The energy wavelength of normal tap water is 35cm; Living Water Vortex Jug's is 2, 4 metres. As a healthy person has an energy wavelength of about 1,9 metres, you can understand that you will be regenerated by the greater energy of this restructured water.

The  Vortex stabilises the water's pH at 68. You can test this by adding a little vinegar to make it more acidic, then after the vortex operation the pH will return to 68. The oxygenation of the water helps to balance to over-acidity of many processed foods.

The centripetal movement of the vortex cools the water, so it's not necessary to keep the jug in the fridge. If you do, please remove the motor top which may be harmed by cold. Better to pout the water into a glass jug

NB: As the motor makes the water jug vibrate, it is important to use the non-slip mat to stop the jug jumping off the worktop!


Note: If you want to learn more about Viktor Schauberger's discoveries about water, we recommend the book Living Water, by Olof Alexandersson (DK stock, 170,-) UK price 8.95, incl. p&p). Another informative source is Your Body's Many Cries for Water by Dr F. Batmanghelidj (UK price 11.95)

 Living Energies, by Callum Coats ( DK stock, Dkk 315,-)

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